Sometimes it is not as simple as sperm meets egg, or just having lots of intercourse.
Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation available about fertility and the menstrual cycle in books and on the internet. Our Fertility First educators are extensively trained in fertility and the menstrual cycle and offer the latest up to date, scientifically based information. Consultations with our Fertility First educators offer the opportunity for you to ask those questions that you think are 'silly' (which they are not), and seek clarification on various issues related to fertility.
A common misconception that we deal with is that all women ovulate on day 14, so intercourse between days 10 and 16 will eventually result in conception. NOT TRUE. Just as everyone's eye, skin and hair colour are different, so are people's fertility. Your fertility will be different to your sister, mother, or aunt. Your fertility is unique to you. Fertility First educators will work one on one with you to work out what your particular fertility pattern is.
If you choose to work with a Fertility First educator you will learn how to observe the signs of fertility that your body shows you, record these on a simple chart and learn how to interpret these signs. From this information, your Fertility First educator can establish if you are ovulating, if fertile mucus coincides with ovulation, see if intercourse is timed with fertile mucus, and check the length of time in the second part of your cycle. These sessions are one on one, with you and your partner. No expensive or complicated computers, urine or saliva testing kits are required. Just you, your partner, a pen, a fertility chart and your digital oral thermometer.
Many things can affect your fertility and your chances of conceiving. Why not download our Fertility Checklist to see how you score?


Are you tired of taking the pill? Sick of taking the responsibility for contraception? Don't like using condoms? Looking for a contraceptive method that fits with your values and beliefs?
Fertility First offers a method of 'natural' contraception that is easy to learn and only requires you, a pen, a fertility chart and an oral digital thermometer. No pills to take, no injections and no complicated or expensive computers, urine or saliva testing kits. The method that we teach is the World Health Organisations approved Sympto-Thermal Method of Natural Family Planning which is at least 98% effective.
Simply put, we teach women how to recognise their personal signs of fertility (cervical mucus and basal body temperature) and how to interpret these. A simple chart is filled in each day and it is this information which gives a clear picture of one's fertility. From here, guidelines are taught how to establish whether or not you are in the fertile or infertile time of your cycle. Decisions can then be made as to the safe times for unprotected intercourse.
It usually takes 3-4 sessions with a Fertility First Educator to work out what your particular pattern is. This may take more sessions if you have recently come off a chemical form of contraception such as 'the pill' or Depo Provera.
Remember, your fertility is unique to you, and different to your sister, mother or aunt, or any book or website you visit. There can be a huge range of what is normal, and by working one on one with a Fertility First Educator, we can teach you about your particular pattern.


Yes, breastfeeding can delay the return of your fertility if specific conditions are met. Fertility First Educators can work with you to find a Natural Family Planning method that works best for you, and works with your breastfeeding.
We have two methods available. Both are reliable and safe, based on research supported by the World Health Organisation.
The Lactational Amenorrhoea Method.
If your baby is under six months of age, is fully breastfed and you haven’t experienced any bleeding after eight weeks post-delivery, this may be the method for you. It may be all you need to protect yourself from an unplanned pregnancy for the first six months after giving birth. There are a few other requirements that need to be met, but our Fertility First Educators can work through these with you.
The Breastfeeding Charting Method.
This method is for those new mums who aren’t fully breastfeeding or are able to use the above method but choose to do some recording. By recording your baby’s feeding and sleeping pattern, signs of fertility such as mucus, we can establish a pattern of infertility. A Fertility First Educator can teach you how to recognise that pattern and how to apply guidelines to keep you safe from an unplanned pregnancy.
Neither of these methods were designed for self-teaching but were designed to be taught by qualified and experienced Natural Family Planning Educators such as those at Fertility First. Our Educators have the experience to recognise the normal variance of returning fertility that occurs between women and help you navigate this time safely.
If this has sparked your interest and you would like to learn more, then make an appointment with one of our Fertility First Educators. We offer confidential and private face to face appointments in a clinic setting, one on one, via email or through video conferencing such as Skype. One appointment may be all you need, but regardless, we keep in regular contact to support you through the phase of returning fertility.
Fertility First Educators have completed a Breastfeeding and Fertility training course for Advanced Practitioners and are accredited with Natural Fertility NZ.


Menopause is the time when periods cease. This usually occurs between the ages of 40-58 years. It may take years for periods to cease or it may happen suddenly.
Most people are interested in the peri-menopause phase which is the time when things start to change with your menstrual cycle. The average age of the appearance of symptoms is 50-54 years. This transition phase can take 2-7 years. Cycles may be: longer, shorter, anovulatory (no ovulation), erratic, periods may be heavier or lighter. Some women will experience: night sweats, hot flushes, moodiness, anxiety, vaginal dryness, problems with acne, a decrease in libido, insomnia, tiredness, sleeping problems, a reduction in the production of cervical mucus, tender breasts. Some women will be glad that their periods are almost over and grateful they no longer have to worry about contraception. Others grieve their perceived loss of womanliness and their potential ability to conceive and bring a new life into the world. Some will see this as part of aging - for good or bad.
Fertility First Educators will work with you to track your cycles, and see where you are in this journey. The focus is on the increasing patches of infertility, rather than fertility. We are able to also suggest some practical solutions to some of the symptoms you may be experiencing.
Many women who have used the Sympto-Thermal Method of Natural Family Planning will return to see one of our Fertility First Educators at this stage of change. The guidelines they were taught many years ago, and have successfully used for contraception, no longer seem to offer as much safe time for unprotected intercourse. New guidelines for peri-menopausal women have been developed, and these can be easily taught over a couple of sessions.
If you would like to make an appointment or have some specific questions please Contact us


Fertility First Educators offer education to community groups and health professionals.
Community groups include: antenatal, post-natal, schools, church's, young parents, at risk youth, pre marriage. We are willing to work with you on the topic, content and delivery methods to meet your groups specific needs. Topics could include: Fertility Awareness, Breastfeeding, Menopause, Natural Family Planning Methods, Reproductive Cycle, Puberty, Contraceptive methods, Valuing Fertility, Sexual Health, Sexually Transmitted Infections, to name just a few. There is usually a fee for this service.
Health Professional groups include: doctors, nurses, midwives, lactation consultants, naturopaths, homeopaths, reflexologists, acupuncturists, GP practices, conferences. Fertility First Educators are qualified through Natural Fertility NZ to deliver courses with approved CME points to midwives and doctors. These courses have been approved through the Midwifery Council and RNZCGPs. Topics include: Breastfeeding and Fertility; Fertility and the Menstrual Cycle. There is usually a fee for this service.
Fertility First Educators are also available to speak at National and International conferences on Natural Family Planning Methods in NZ, Breastfeeding and Fertility, Fertility Awareness and the Menstrual Cycle, or we can tailor a session specifically for your conference. If you would like to make a booking, or to invite a speaker, please contact us.