Passionate about fertility education for all

Fertility First is made up of very experienced, qualified Fertility Educators with over 52 years collective experience in teaching women, their partners and health professionals about fertility and the menstrual cycle. Our educators also teach community and school groups. All educators are accredited with Natural Fertility NZ.
We teach only the scientifically proven Sympto-Thermal Method and the Lactational Amenorrhoea Methods of Natural Family Planning as approved by the World Health Organisation.

Our Fertility Educators


Cassandra Woollett

Cassandra has worked as a Fertility Educator and the National Clinical Supervisor for Natural Fertility NZ for the past 12 years. She is a Registered Nurse with a background in community and public health. Cassandra runs a clinic in Christchurch seeing clients one on one as well as providing education and training to community groups, schools and health professionals.
As the National Clinical Supervisor for Natural Fertility NZ, she has been responsible for clinical audits of Fertility Educators, ongoing Fertility Educator Training, Clinical Training days at Natural Fertility New Zealand's annual conference, teaches at Natural Fertility New Zealand's Fertility Educator Training Course, and speaks at National and International conferences.
These conferences have recently included: Practice Nurse conference, Natural Health Conference (Sydney and Auckland), NZ Lactation Consultants conference (Auckland).
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Mary Lynne Minor

Mary Lynne works in the Hamilton and Waikato area and has a wealth of knowledge and nearly 40 years clinical experience. She enjoys working with couples helping them track their fertility during their reproductive years so that they can choose when they want to conceive.
She is currently the Theory Supervisor for the Natural Fertility NZ Educator training programme.
Mary Lynne regularly facilitates Positive Puberty programmes for year 7 students and parents, and Contraceptive Methods, as part of a Relationship Programme, for Year 12 students in some Secondary schools.
She also makes herself available to GP’s and Practice Nurses to talk about our services and facilitate discussion as to how both groups can work together towards the patients goals.
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