By learning about your menstrual cycle and signs of fertility you can use this information to help you conceive, avoid pregnancy or learn more about your fertility and menstrual cycle. No fancy devices are needed, just a pen, digital thermometer, a fertility chart and individualised teaching from a Fertility First Fertility Educator.
Fertility First offers education in fertility, the menstrual cycle and natural family planning methods to women and their partners, health professionals and community groups.
We teach only the scientifically proven Sympto-Thermal Method and the Lactational Amenorrhoea Methods of Natural Family Planning as approved by the World Health Organisation. Our Fertility Educators are accredited with Natural Fertility New Zealand.

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Sometimes it is not as simple as sperm meets egg, or just having lots of intercourse. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation available about fertility and the menstrual cycle in books and on the internet. Our Fertility First educators are extensively trained in fertility and the menstrual cycle and offer the latest up to date, scientifically based information.

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Are you tired of taking the pill? Sick of taking the responsibility for contraception? Don't like using condoms? Looking for a contraceptive method that fits with your values and beliefs?

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Breastfeeding / Menopause

Fertility First Educators will work with you to track your cycles, and see where you are in this journey. The focus is on the increasing patches of infertility, rather than fertility. We are able to also suggest some practical solutions to some of the symptoms you may be experiencing.

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Fertility First Educators offer education to community groups and health professionals.

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